Until November - Aurora Rose Reynolds

Until November

By Aurora Rose Reynolds

  • Release Date: 2013-09-10
  • Genre: Erotica
Score: 4.5
From 381 Ratings


November is looking forward to getting to know her father and the safety of a small town. After leaving the Big Apple and her bad memories for Tennessee, November starts working for her dad at his strip club doing the books. The one time she's allowed there during club hours she runs into Asher Mayson. He's perfect until he opens his mouth and makes assumptions. November wants nothing to do with Asher but too bad for November, fate has other plans.

Asher Mayson has never had a problem getting a woman, that is until November. Now all he can think about is making November his and keeping her safe.


  • Oh my Heart!!! ♥️

    By dcjayhawk
    I have been in a book funk for atleast two months now...I’ve read a few books in that time but nothing pulled me out. Until now...Until November... It took my breath away and was a breath of fresh air all at once. My heart was in my throat, in my stomach, pounding out of my chest! You name it, my heart was doing it! This was my very first ARR book but it is FAR from my last! I cannot believe I’ve been missing out on all this awesome-sauce that these Mayson men bring! I already know this will be one of the absolute BEST reads of 2017!!
  • Terrific read!!!

    By Shaniqua Edmunds
    Loved this book!!! Look forward to reading the whole Until series!!!
  • Until November - iBooks - 😍👍😍

    By 👍❤️😃👍❤️
    Loved it. Great characters & sweet storyline !!!
  • Sweet November

    By kathyesf
    This is an insta love book so if you are not a fan be warned. The premise is that the Mayson boys are cursed to one day meet the one and when they do it is like a bomb going off and they are done for. This of course happens to Asher when he sees November and thinks that she is a stripper. November has been living in New York with the mother all of her life and been miserable. After being attacked she packed up moves to Tennessee to live with her father and finds that she finally has a home. Overall a 3.5 read and if you really like the over the top jealous alpha bossy males that fall completely in love at first sight them you should definitely read this book.
  • Omg.....loved it

    By CHriStINa😬
    I soo loved Asher and November!!!!! Their story was so good I loved their relationship!!!!!
  • Favorite!!

    By JayBabie1009
    Definitely love this book! Through the dips of romance and erotica its definitely a great read! I don't know how many times I've read this book but I can't stop rereading it. It's that awesome!!
  • Review: Until #1: Until November

    By @LisaHines711
    Until November by Aurora Rose Reynolds is the first book in her Until series. This is the romantic story with a happily ever after of Asher and November. November has moved to Tennessee to escape some trouble in New York. She was the victim of a random attack and no longer feels safe in the Big Apple. Asher works with his brothers for their construction company and is doing a side job atNovember's fathers stripclub when he first sees her there. Mistaking her for one of the girls, they have words and get off on the complete wrong foot. Needless to say, though, the wrong foot becomes other,suddenly very right, body parts, and after the drama from New York follows her to Tennessee, Asher's gloves come off and he wants to be the one to defend and protect November. Wonderful beginning to a wonderful series.
  • Loved all the characters

    By Cynthia0o
    Ummm the Mayson brothers.. Until November introduces us to the 4 uber alpha brothers and there family. First up is Asher. But before we meet him we have to meet his woman. November was a product of a one night stand and after she was born her mother took her to New York. Her mother wasn’t a nice person and made her believe her father never wanted her. When she turns 18 she meets him and they keep in touch. When she is brutally attacked in an alley in NY (she is saved by a great dane which she adopts) she decides it time to Tennessee to be with her father. Her first meeting with Asher has her thinking he is a jerk but for Asher he recognizes she is the one. See the Mayson men have a curse on them. They are players until they meet the one and then instantly they know they’ve found there woman and then they waste no time going for what’s theirs. Throw in some suspense and November doesn’t have a chance against Asher’s protectiveness. Loved all the characters and how this author tells a story. For those that are nitpicky there are quite a few editing issues but nothing that took me out of the books. I look forward to reading the rest of the series.
  • Not a fan of cavemen.

    By Annmric8
    Did not care for this story. The male character was too assertive. Not a fan of men acting like a caveman. Possessive men are also a turn off. Found no connection. Just not my style of a story. Story did not call out to me. The only thing I did like was the how close he was to his brothers and how close the family was.
  • Five stars!

    By LRaper
    This series will have you hooked from the first chapter!